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  • Overview +

    Proper operation and maintenance of your ultra precision machine is necessary for the quickest return on your investment. Precitech's service team offers comprehensive training programs customized to fit the needs of new or experienced operators and maintenance technicians.

    There are four standard training programs available - two that cover the basics of machine maintenance and application and two Next Level advanced maintenance and applications courses. Our service team can also work with customers on bespoke training programs tailored to their needs.

  • Basic Maintenance Training +

  • Basic Applications & Machine Operation Training +

  • NEXT LEVEL Electro-Optics Systems Training +

    Covered Topics:
    • Electrical and mechanical drawings, and bills of materials (BOMs)
    • UPx control environment and diagnostic tools
    • UPx file system essentials
    • Measuring and understanding critical signals within the control system
    • Understanding closed loop servo control and optimization
    • Advanced service tasks
    • Setup and calibration of accessories

    pdf download icon Training Schedule (EN)

  • NEXT LEVEL Applications Training +

    Covered Topics:
    • Understanding customer specific machine acceptance requirements - documents and advanced tool table usage
    • Setup, cutting, and measurement of standard test parts:
      • Nickel stud
      • Aluminum sphere
      • XZB Virtual Center B-axis part
      • XZC slow tool servo tilted flat
    • Metrology for acceptance cutting
    • Paramacro and looping programming
    • Introduction to DIFFSYS programming
    • UPx file system essentials

    pdf download icon Training Schedule (EN)